Did I tell you what my inspiration was?

October 16, 2017

Gameplay Inspiration:

I had several inspiration sources!, and one of those was when I was younger, I was invited to a friend's beach house and I needed to use the toilet, but, he didn't warn me not to flush toilet paper into the toilet bowl, so... Guess what happened!As soon as I tried to flush the toilet bowl,water and evil poops started to go up and up, reaching the toilet bowl edge.My First thought was: Oh God,help me! And I was looking for a plunger and there was none!! How can this be possible!!! I did everything I could to destroy those m*ther f*ckers with a small metal piece I found inside the bathroom. Then I thought: This is your end! (I did not get my hands dirty at least)So I waited for the water to come down a little, and I flushed it again!And yes!! They were gone!... But, nope!... Unfortunately, that was not true, they came up again and I had to leave the bathroom in that way after this big struggle. And as you could imagine they never invited me again...

My second inspiration source was my current house bathroom. My wife and I live in an old apartment, where pipes could not work well, and believe me this toilet bowl is a scary one, not because how old it is (It is a new one), but for its size, it’s small so, that tank is an insult.We’ve had hard times before, trying to flush those evil creatures... When we thought this was going to be an endless nightmare (a permanent fight) super plumber appeared from heaven to fix the pipes connection, and this is so true that I even I have a portrait for it in my bathroom...That sounded weird...

The message Inspiration:
When I was a child I struggled with my weight because the lack of awareness that my family had about our eatinghabits. We used to consume a lot of sugar and carbs. I ate some cookies at breakfast, hours later, I ate a cake at school, then probably a sandwich for lunch and some other sandwich at tea time, and I had very low self-esteem at that time, because of all these things, among others. As soon as I grew up, I realized how important good eating habits are, as well as, I realized how important is working out and eating healthy food all together. These two practices have helped me a lot and my next step, it will be saying goodbye to sugar, forever.Maybe I should create another videogame about this.









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