April 2, 2017


Now it looks better, isn't it?

The bathroom is taking shape, particles are working and the "Lysogun" is being implemented as some poop projectiles too. Some animations are working now and so it is the score counter.
I put the plunger in it without animations, j...

March 4, 2017

Hi poop lovers! The main enemy’s it’s on its way!

I used for the first screenshot  a 3D software  and the second one is on Unity Engine (Just for graphic  testing purposes) That is the low poly version with a normals map (And a/an ultra super very basic diffuse)....

February 12, 2017

The mini poop spawner is ready. I have also a coin counter and a time counter working. Some other features are on their way now, like flushing.
Hell yeah!

PS: That face is kinda funny hehe

February 2, 2017

After two hard-working weeks (in my free time)  I have I’ve had  some of the main mechanics ready. Clicking the poop does damage it. It can make a simple attack and does damage the player too.

A spawner for smaller poops is being developed too,  And I love his...

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December 11th, 2017:  Indiegogo launch campaign.

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October 24, 2017

June 12, 2017

June 1, 2017

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Hi everyone!

Ascend Digitally is my new video game development project.

Attack of the Evil Poop is one of the incoming projects that I have in mind. Some other projects are less twisted and more intriguing. I love science fiction and spirituality too. Also, I love action gaming, so prepare your mind for what is next.