“Attack of the Evil Poop” delivers challenging, fast-paced gameplay. Prove to yourself that you are the elitest of all elite toilet warriors!

With an intriguing story, a local versus mode, several unlockables and hilarious in-game moments, this insane title will make you poop your pants for joy!  


12 frenetic main levels, each with different enemies, plus bonus levels!


An almost totally destructible environment (for perfect catharsis)!


 5 different weapons to make those poops wish they were someplace the sun don’t shine!


Hilarious in-game moments and cutscenes!


 An in-game store with 8 items to make cleaning easier!


High replayability value—keep revisiting your favorite dishes!

“Attack of the Evil Poop” is a twisted, super addictive single player and local multiplayer game that mixes various different genres like First Person Rail Shooter and Quick Time Events. You’ll have to defeat each of your enemies with different weapons, items and secrets that you’ll discover along the way before your girlfriend finds out what you’re doing.

Each challenging enemy has its own abilities depending on what you ate before facing them, putting your best gamer skills to the test.

Try not to destroy everything while completing the achievements, unlock content and see how this funny story meets its end… if you’re tougher than your poop, of course.

“Attack of the Evil Poop” smells foul from a distance, but is as delicious as an almond chocolate cake up close!


As many evil turds as possible.

Destroy its disgusting flying projectiles before they reach you, dodge its armed attacks and blow away its terrible farts with the hair dryer before you suffocate.


A weapon handling master.

Attack those little demons with plungers, brooms and even toothbrushes when there aren’t any better weapons around.


Of different kinds of turds.

Every one of these twisted fecal enemies has special skills depending on what you ate before facing them.


Your combat skills.

Block its karate chops at precisely the right moment to be rewarded! But watch out—if you don’t make it, you’ll be knocked out for a little while, leaving you vulnerable to other attacks.


Will make you realize you´re not on your own.

But you can count on help! Your trusty sidekick will provide the necessary accessories to combat evil. This and many other features are guaranteed to put a stinky smile on your face!


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